Max talks to himself about last episode of Walking Dead

The insomniac’s incoherent conversations about last night’s episode.

First five minute intro dishes out the usual fare of absurdly graphic bashing of zombie skulls. We are desensitized to it by now, so shock value is almost nonexistent. Nevertheless it wouldn’t feel quite right to not include that little appetizer for the Walking Dead.

The highlight is when Tara (I think her name is) says to Abraham that he was smiling as he slaughtered them. Tara wears a face of hopelessness and sad acceptance of living in hell. Abraham, on the other hand, deals with his trauma by desensitizing himself to the brutality of it all. He reinforces his ignorance by being committed to the idea of having a purpose.

Main theme of the story so far is how people are barely clinging to sanity while everything around them is telling them how ridiculous it is to do so. There is the parental instinct of lying to the children to protect them from the ugly reality. The dumb adults create the illusion of Santa while the kids don’t actually believe it themselves. They pretend to believe in Santa or Easter Bunny because they are afraid of disappointing the parents.

Mashone finds pink room where entire family commits suicide. It is overwhelming for her particularly because of just rehashing old memories of her child moments before with the boy Carl. She closes the door and says to him it was a dead dog.

Meanwhile Glenn is determined to find if his wife is actually dead. All common sense says that she is almost certainly dead and that he should move on. But for Glenn his wife was the only good thing that has ever happened to him after everything went to hell. That is the only reality that exists for him. Tara has to understand that because she feels indebted and partially responsible for all of it. It ends up being that Glenn’s infatuation is the only purpose driving all of them. And they all follow him walking back on the road from where they just came. Life in the Walking Dead is an existential one rather than objective or pragmatic.

The worst example of that truth is the Governor, who after losing his daughter became a complete wack job. When Rick pleads with him that they can all live together and that there is redemption for his past, he shouts ‘Liar!’ and kills Hershell in a fit of rage.


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